Baby headbands have always been in fashion. Babies don’t right away have a lot of hair and sometimes it can be hard to tell if a baby is a boy or girl. This is one of the reasons why a baby headband is loved and highly requested by parents. As with a lot of other baby accessories like bows, flowers, colorful bonnets, baby headbands have picked up more interest in recent years. While picking out outfits, accessorizing and styling your babies and toddlers a baby headband is one way let their personality shine through. Kids can be quirky so every once in awhile you can let them take the driver's seat in choosing what they want to wear. Some kids might want to be a princess for the day with a princess headband or tiara. This will bring them joy and build up their confidence. Happy kids happy life.

Baby Headbands are an important and highly precious piece of baby fashion. They are a gift to parents and are beautiful, easy to use and make a statement. Here are some tips when styling your babies or toddlers with colors

It’s ok to be unconventional with colors

When shopping for your baby headband, don’t stick to conventional colors and limit your options. Pink and blue are pretty colors but so is yellow, teal, purple, peach, orange and even multi-colors headbands and prints like polka dots and stripes. These gender-neutral colors not only make your baby stand out they are also easy to repurpose. There are so many beautiful colors that look great on kids. Some daring parents even go for black and it always turns out really beautiful and it’s great for sophisticated outings like wedding combined with a dress. Thinking outside the box for colors also means mixing and matching colors. Go big if you dare and you will be rewarded. Don’t stick to the convention. Pair a yellow skirt with a pink t-shirt or pink pants with a blue sneaker or headband. Mixing and matching will not only make your kids look very fashionable, it can also increase their confidence. You’re also bound to get compliments and oohs and ahhs from people. Sometimes you don’t need a statement accessory but a statement color. A pop of color in a headband can go a long way in making an outfit stand out. Mix and match colors. Go neutral but pick a very colorful headband and watch it transform a basic outfit into something with personality and style. You can also use your kids favorite color or colors so the outfit reflects their style even more.

Mix and Match Prints

Another way to go unconventional is to mix and match prints you don’t have to stick with one print per outfit and you can use this using a baby headband. You can mix polka dots headband with stripes and mix the same print in different sizes, colors or style. For example, pink polka dots with red, vertical stripes with horizontal stripes and red stripes with blue stripes. Prints are beautiful, give character and have the ability to make an outfit pop and garner attention effortlessly. Prints also photography really well so keep that in mind for your next baby photo shoot. You can also match a headband with another accessory like a tight or sock. Here are some major tips to keep in mind when next you want to mix and match prints not just with headbands but for the entire outfit.

Use big and small prints: Mixing and matching are not limited to only contrary patterns. You can actually mix with the same print; just in varying sizes. For example, a black and white small striped top looks surprisingly stunning with a thick-striped mini skirt. The pairing offers a fun illusion of fluctuating volumes, as the stripes gradually get bigger. It also marked the kids look fun and airy. Animal prints always look fun on kids and even more so when it comes to mixing and matching. After all, leopard serves as a neutral most of the time. With this black-and-white striped ensemble, a leopard print shoe is a cherry on top. And if you're really craving a pop of color add a red purse, fanny pack or backpack. Talk about making the most of the color.

Pick an accent color: Mixing and matching prints can seem risky if you're basing choices solely on instinct or the sheer luck that the outfit will work. You don't want to make our kid look like no thought was out into their outfit. There is a certain science, however, that is easy for anyone to follow. When experimenting with multiple motifs, follow the law of accent colors. Take this bold floral skirt for instance. Notice that beautiful blue popping out at you? Run with it. A patterned blue shirt will complement, not clash with, this striking skirt of many colors. Even though these prints are opposites, they work because they have coloration in common. You don't want to half-commit to this look. Go big or go home with bold accessories. Pick another color from either your bottom or top to guide your accessories tone. We chose to play up the yellow from our pencil skirt and matched the canary yellow heels, tassel earrings, and a multicolored clutch.

Play and experiment with floral: Floral on floral is quite a fun thing to try on a kid and bring out their inner fashionista. It's all about balancing the intensity. For accessories, tie the whole look together by picking up on some of the subtle tones from the designs. This often means playing with lovely pastels that naturally go together to keep the overall look fresh. Reinvent the classic warm-weather floral frock with this edgy yet polished mix-and-match home run.